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Concert Attire

Concert Band

Black pants/skirt (below knee), sleeved white shirt/blouse, black long tie (men required, women may if desired), black jacket (optional for men), black socks, black dress shoes. No athletic wear or jeans.

Orchestra, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble


Tuxedo (preferred), or black suit
White dress shirt that buttons at the neck
Black Bow Tie
Black dress shoes and black socks


Recommended: Purchase concert dress from the Instrumental Music Boosters 
Or: black full length dress/slacks and black blouse
Your dress/skirt/slacks need to cover your knees when seated with your instruments
Black dress shoes

Jazz Ensemble



Black suit, solid colored dress shirt, long tie, black socks, black shoes.


Black or solid colored blouse with black pants/skirt (below knee), black shoes.

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